Lindy hop 3 - Brussels

Teachers: Lindy HopAndy Spitz : teacher - choreographer/ Helena Verheyen

Level lindy hop 3 : intermediate/advanced

Lindy hop classes for level 3 are for people who have attended weekly lindy hop classes for a couple of years and feel comfortable with all basic techniques and more. You are used to social dancing at parties, workshops and festivals.To join this level you must have the approval of Easy Swing teachers. You have a good knowledge of leading / following, musical improvisation, you want to improve your body control, your technique and style in order to learn new routines and footwork. You are able to dance on many kinds of rhythms, ranging from very slow to fast.

Lindy hop classes for level 3 in Brussels

Thursday : 9.30 to 10.30

3 rue des Ailes - 1030 Schaerbeek
Lindy hop 3 : intermediate/advanced
                     lead/follow, body control, musical improvisation, styling and rhythm variations, specials routines to work on all these elements.

Solo or Couples registrations - limited places


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