Lindy hop 1 - Brussels

Teachers: Lindy HopChris Smets/ Pascale Vandenplassche

Lindy Hop level 1 : beginners-intermediate

Lindy hop classes for Level 1 are for people who have already attended weekly lindy hop classes for a couple of months and know a couple of basic techniques. To integrate this level, you must be able to dance in 6 or 8 counts, and have started to use techniques such as groove walks, triple steps, stretches / compressions. You know moves such as 6 and 8 counts circle, pass by + variations, side to side charleston, swing out, ... as well as some variations and transitions between these different different moves.

Lindy hop classes for level 1 in Brussels

Tuesday : 9.00 to 10.00 PM

Centre Sportif la Woluwe (salle P6)
Avenue Emmanuel Mounier, 87 - Woluwé-Saint-Lambert
Lindy hop 1 : Beginners/intermediate
                     You will learn new moves to improve the techniques you already know, as well as some new techniques and work on your body control to improve your dance in general. We will start working on faster rhythms.

Solo or Couples registrations - limited places

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